Thanks for stopping by my website!  I'd like to share the five books I have written, contemporary and historical women's novels with a Christian perspective.  If you'd like to read more, please contact me for the complete stories!

Just Released - My latest book:

Ellen's Endeavors
    A young colonial woman struggles with rejection and forgiveness after a broken relationship. She becomes involved with two Huguenot men who have a painful history together and who each struggle with anger and forgiveness. Will the two enemies ever be reconciled, and will Ellen ever find true love? 
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Other Books Already Released:

Finding Father 
    As a victim of date rape and a single mother, Kendra struggles with anger, distrust, and feelings of abandonment as each person in her life fails her. When she turns to God as her Heavenly Father, she finds hope and healing and tries to offer forgiveness to the man who hurt her.
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Kerry's Calling
    Each member of a missionary team deals with a personal or spiritual difficulty which creates tension within the team and personal stress. Kerry discovers her own value to her teammates and to God, and Chad must learn to trust God even when his future seems bleak.
Buy paperback or kindle here:  Kerry's Calling on Amazon

Johanna's Journey
    An intelligent, searching indentured servant in colonial America encounters ill-treatment and misfortune which cause her to question her childhood faith. The man who loves her searches to find his own proper place in her life and heart. Through their struggles they arrive at a deeper faith in God and love for each other.
Buy paperback or kindle here:  Johanna's Journey on Amazon

 The Rebel's Return
    Two young patriots during the American Revolution struggle with issues of independence and rebellion toward God and their families. As a result of their relationship, the young woman develops more confidence in her ability to make wise decisions. The rebellious young man learns that God will love and accept him even if his own father never does. 
Buy paperback or kindle here:  The Rebel's Return on Amazon 


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